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Sports Injuries.

Our team of expert sports physiotherapists at St Paul’s Physio offers world-class sports injury assessment and treatment. We use a wide range of proven and documented approaches to treatment from which to choose.

sports-injuries2We have kept professional rugby players on the pitch for premiership cup finals and have helped individuals win medals at the Athens and Beijing Olympics.

Sports injuries can be new and acute, or chronic ongoing niggles that just won’t go away. Whether a world class athlete or a ‘weekend warrior’ there is nothing more frustrating than being sidelined or under performing due to these injuries. What makes it worse is that with the correct advice and treatment many of them are avoidable. The key is to really get to the bottom of the problem.

Our experienced physiotherapists consider the body as a synonymous integration of spine, joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves. In short, we look at the relationship between how your put together with how you move, and then put it right if it’s a bit off. This is achieved with both hands on treatment as well as specific exercise programs that help ‘re-tune’ the body.

By doing this you are more likely to achieve a fast return to peak performance, minimising the risk of injury recurrence.

Sports injury clinic Birmingham. Just like in sport, we know when we are beaten, but that doesn’t mean we give up! If we can’t fix you, we only need to pick up the phone to get you seen by some of the world’s greatest imagers and consultants.(For more information see our links page).

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