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Based within St Paul’s Physio, Emma offers private Pilates sessions in a relaxed and friendly environment.

pilatesEach session is tailored to meet your needs, helping you achieve your goals.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a low impact non-aerobic exercise method. Using a unique system of 34 controlled movements, the body is retrained to work efficiently, and the spine is allowed to lengthen.

Focusing on attention to detail means each move is carried out in correct alignment, promoting good posture and strengthening the muscles supporting the spine.

Personal mat work Pilates sessions are a great way to experience Pilates at its best.

Each session is for one hour.

Prices are per person, per session. Sessions can be arranged for up to 3 people. Emma is also able to offer Pre and Post natal Pilates.

Session One Session Four Sessions Eight Sessions
One to One £50.00 £47.50 £45.00
Two to one
(Partner session)
£27.50* £26.25* £25.00*


About Emma


Level 3 Mat Work Pilates
Level 3 Pre and Post Natal Pilates

After discovering Pilates as an answer to constant neck pain, Emma decided to train as an Instructor. Studying Anatomy and Physiology, the full mat repertoire, postural analyse and small equipment, she attained her qualification with the highest standards.

Further in-depth training has allowed Emma to design and deliver Pilates programmes for Pre and Post Natal clients. Emma is passionate about Pilates, offering clients a personal experience, helping them to reach their goals.

A hands on approach from Emma means you can achieve the maximum from each session.

A member of the Registry of Exercise Professionals.

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