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Initial Assessment.

Dedicated time just for you.

alex-andrew2At St Paul’s we are about building confidence and meaningful relationships with our clients. Taking time to accurately assess you to ensure you’re on the road to recovery for the long term.
With a bit of training anyone can teach you a couple of exercises, massage you and click your back. HOWEVER, all of our practitioners have spent many years developing and enhancing their skills through continual post graduate training, resulting in knowledge unique to Birmingham.

What will happen during my Physiotherapy appointment?

treatment-roomWe look at the way your whole body works and how this could be related to your pain or injury. The very nature of the job means we can require patients to undress themselves so that the injured area can be carefully assessed. Although as Physiotherapists we are very use to this, we appreciate others are not.

We are happy for you to wear loose clothing and/or shorts.
We are able to provide both male and female practitioners.


We work to strict confidentially guidelines as advised by our governing body: The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.
We will not disclose any information without your consent.
Your privacy is always considered.

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