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Since the clinic opened there are not many conditions we haven’t treated. However big or small the injury or condition is, we will be happy to see you.

Below are some of the conditions we treat:

Shoulder Pain

Problems range from ‘impingement’ to frozen shoulder and can be caused by injury or overuse. A specialist physio should be quick to identify the problems and treat them.

Tennis/ Golfers Elbow

knee-painYou don’t have to play tennis or golf to have one! Pain on the inside or outside of the elbow is usually associated with excessive gripping. More and more so, these conditions are seen in office workers due to excessive work on keyboards and the mouse.


‘Wear and tear’ changes of the hips and knees are fairly commonplace. In the early stages, conservative physiotherapy treatment can be very effective in reducing pain and increasing your daily activity.

Groin Strains

Most commonly seen in sports that involve twisting, turning & kicking (i.e. football). These can range from simple muscle strains to pelvic instabilities. Effective treatment must start with good and accurate assessment where an appropriate treatment strategy can be planned.

Ligament Injuries

A ligament holds a joint together. In fast moving sports, joints can be twisted causing a strain to these structures. Injury is usually very painful and is associated with lots of swelling. A large proportion can be conservatively managed with physio and never need to go on to have surgery. Rehab will also work to help prevent recurrence.

Knee Cap Pains

Pain at the front of the knees (anterior) can be due to the kneecap tracking poorly in its joint. Factors such as flat feet or muscle imbalances can be responsible. Careful assessment and adjustment of your ‘biomechanics’ often help with this maltracking.

Dropped Foot Arches & Shin Splints

Flat feet or ‘over pronation’ is often seen in runners. This can lead to pain into the shins. However, there are other contributing factors such as foot position, shoes and running technique. All of which are very treatable.

Low Back Pain & Sciatica

back-painA very common cause to come for physio. There are a plethora of issues that can cause this. Disc problems, wear and tear, muscle spasm etc. We will aim to isolate the cause and offer a variety of treatments that will aid recovery.

Muscle Strains and Tears

Often sports related. Usually repairs well with a little assistance.

Achilles and heel pain

Can be as a result of a ‘tendonitis’ or inflammation of the Achilles. Heel pain is often called ‘planta fasciitis’ both are very painful and can limit walking or even standing.



Certain types have been shown to be referred pain from the small joints and soft tissue of the neck. Things like car accidents, posture and ‘wear and tear’ can cause these.  Joint manipulation and postural advice can often be successful in treating them.

Neckpain and Whiplash

Can be due to poor posture particularly in those that have desk based jobs, although it can occur for no particular reason.

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